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Helping you navigate the transitions of life. 

Life & Career Coaching Services

The Essence of Coaching

To put it simply, coaching is a way to broaden your thinking and unlock your potential while emphasizing and addressing the tangible and practical aspect of your personal journey. As part of the larger wellness continuum, personal coaching offers practical solutions to the real world transitions you experience in your life and career. Our emphasis on personal empowerment helps you improve your confidence and self-esteem while providing insight surrounding thoughts and behaviors inhibiting personal growth. At Enlightened Transitions, we walk along side of you during your journey and provide that extra bit of support when you need it most.


Anyone can benefit from coaching and Enlightened Transitions provides that dedicated time for you to discuss and explore your unique crossroads. Our services are ideal for those seeking to make significant changes, gain insight, and move in a new and authentic direction. We offer online individualized coaching sessions, group coaching, workshops, and other tools to help you thrive.


improve your confidence

​connect with your authentic motivations

develop deep & meaningful relationships

overcome personal barriers & inhibitions 

​embark on new adventures

find your purpose & meaning in work

​move past your imposter syndrome

refine your resume & cover letter to showcase your unique abilities

cohesive personal branding with logos,
websites, & promotional marketing


Career Coaching

Life Coaching


Our Services

We thrive off the witnessing the success of our clients. Getting to know you on a personal level allows for a deeper connection and is the foundation of our work at Enlightened Transitions.  We meet you at your own unique place in time and help to clarify a new path and map out a new direction. Our goal is to help you navigate the challenging transitions of your life and embrace your own journey.


All first-time clients receive a complementary consultation session. This session serves as the foundation for the coaching process and is designed to get to know you. During this time, we will discuss important information, expectations, and begin to build a genuine connection. 

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