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Our Services

We thrive off the witnessing the success of our clients. Getting to know you on a personal level allows for a deeper connection and is the foundation of our work at Enlightened Transitions.  We meet you at your own unique place in time and help to clarify a new path and map out a new direction. Our goal is to help you navigate the challenging transitions of your life and embrace your own journey.


All first-time clients receive a complementary consultation session. This session serves as the foundation for the coaching process and is designed to get to know you. During this time, we will discuss important information, expectations, and begin to build a genuine connection. 

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are a great way to take a deeper dive into your unique transition, clarify personal goals, devise a plan of action, and to unlock your full potential. Coaching sessions and services can be combined and tailored in a way to fit your needs. Each session runs for 1 hour and all new clients receive a complementary initial consultation. Book a consultation to learn more. 

Life Coaching Sessions

Life coaching sessions provide flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of topics that emphasize personal wellbeing. Coaching sessions provide the opportunity to identify and refine goals, increase motivation, and explore the processes of change. We offer continued support as you move through your transition to reduce feelings of apprehension, stress, and overwhelm. Through life coaching sessions, you will build confidence and gain the insight needed to successfully navigate and transition through your personal journey.

  • improve your confidence

  • ​overcome stress and overwhelm

  • ​develop deep and meaningful relationships

  • ​move past unhealthy habits that hold you back

Career Coaching Sessions

Career coaching sessions focus on your transitions related to work, careers, and education. We know that work plays an important role in your identity and wellbeing. Career coaching provides an opportunity to identify motivations and goals related to work, while finding a balance between personal interest, your unique aptitudes, and the desired prestige. We work with you to identify a career direction and help you gain the tools needed to confidently move forward in your transitions.

  • make an impact in your work environment

  • gain the confidence to shift directions

  • move past your imposter syndrome

  • learn how your interest & aptitudes fit into a contemporary job market


Groups & Workshops

Groups and workshop provide an opportunity to participate in therapeutic coaching and feel supported within a  growth minded community. Groups and workshops offer a great entry point into coaching and an opportunity to gain insight from others. 


a journey from inhibition to confidence

Deep down you have dreams. Now, let yourself reach them. Learn to challenge your imposter phenomenon, overcome your personal fears, and increase your confidence within the safety of the Enlightened Transitions wellness community. 

Additional Services 

Resume Services

Your resume showcases your experience, training, and accomplishments. More important, it provides employers with an opportunity to understand the qualities and skills you bring to the table. Therefore, it needs to provide a genuine representation of you while quickly showcasing all of your strengths. Let us help you put your best foot forward by developing, designing, and refining your next resume.

Cover Letter Services

Your cover letter is a vital tool in your career transitions. In addition to your resume, your cover letter tells a complete story of your unique combination of training, experience, interests, and strengths. It helps connect your past experience to the position your desire and provides employers with a sense of who you are. Let us help you craft a unique cover letter that showcases the professional you.

Personal Branding Services

Your personal brand is more then just a resume, a logo, or a few images. It presents the essence of who you are by capturing an aesthetic, feeling, and mood. A personal brand is vital in a contemporary job market as we move further away from traditional employment and into a more decentralized idea of a career. Your personal brand tells a deeper emotional story that communicates on a subconscious level. Let us help you develop a personal brand to market yourself, entrepreneurial projects, and to stand out in your field.  

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