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Helping you navigate the transitions of life. 

Life & Career Coaching Services

The Essence of Coaching

To put it simply, coaching is a way to broaden your thinking, unlock your potential, and embark on a personal journey of growth. As part of the larger mental health continuum, personal coaching is ideal to help you navigate transitions within your own life journey. Instead of emphasizing a diagnosis, we help healthy individuals navigate challenging transitions and circumstances.

Emphasizing personal empowerment, we work with you to improve confidence, self-esteem, and develop a deeper understanding of thoughts and behaviors inhibiting personal growth. We tailor a personalized plan to help you grow and thrive in your unique goals. At Enlightened Transitions, we walk along side of you during your journey and provide that extra bit of support when you need it most.


The Benefits of Coaching

The Role of Coaching

Coaching provides a dedicated time for you to discuss life and career concerns in a safe and supported environment. We encourage you to engage in self-reflection, and self-exploration with the goal of self-improvement. At Enlightened Transitions, we serve as confidants providing feedback aimed at increasing self-awareness, insight, and perspective needed to enhance your personal wellbeing. Our collaborative process enables you to identify and develop new ways to reach individualized goals, apply new insight, and expand your comfort zones to achieve personal and professional growth.  

The coaching process is rooted in the present, goal-oriented, and assumes that each person has the potential for growth. Life coaching emphasizes issues and concerns that are self-identified by you and hold personal importance. The concept of personal wholeness is emphasized and eliminates the focus of pathology. Thus, the essence of coaching prioritizes your individualized and autonomous needs, values, and beliefs.

Everyone can benefit from coaching. However, our services are ideal for individuals seeking to make significant changes to their lives and may be in the midst of a personal transition. We know you have dreams, aspirations, and motivations, but may be held back by personal inhibitions, obstacles, and fear. You are open to personal growth through reflection and exploration into the root of your inhibitions. Perhaps, you simply need to feel safe and supported by your coach during periods of doubt and overwhelm. We work with you to overcome challenges by strengthening inner confidence, developing new skills, and creating a clear path forward.

Our Services

Enlightened Transitions offers in-person and online coaching sessions to adult populations seeking to enhance their life, experience personal growth, and improve their overall wellbeing. Our clients gain individualized support through tailored goal plans, one on one coaching sessions, and workshops. Life coaching services address concerns initiated by the clients and relevant to the broader aspect of life. Concerns often address emotional wellness, motivation, relationships, and personal interests. Career and vocational coaching address the specific and unique aspects of career planning, vocational meaning, and personal relationship to work. Concerns are often specific and related to career mapping, vocational refinement, and career planning strategy.

Each new client is provided with an initial consultation that serves as an overview of the coaching process, clarifies expectations, and gathers initial intake information. This session is used to ensure an appropriate client/coach fit and to begin building an alliance. The initial session enables coaches to build a understanding of your unique situation and reflect on your individualized needs. Subsequent sessions are designed to deepen the understanding of the your concerns and to develop and support an individualized goal plan that promotes personal growth. Group based session and workshops emphasizes specific skills related to various topics within life and professional endeavors.

Life Coaching

improve your confidence

overcome stress and overwhelm

develop deep and meaningful relationships

move past unhealthy habits that hold you back

Career Coaching

make and maintain an impact within 
your workplace

move past your imposter syndrome

personal branding, resumes, and cover letters to set you apart


Navigate Your Transition Today

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